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Ricky Ponting Quotes

Australian Cricket captain, right handed batsman


Ricky Thomas Ponting, nicknamed Punter, is the current captain of the Australian cricket team. He is a specialist right-handed batsman, slips and close catching fielder, as well as a very occasional bowler. He represents the Tasmanian Tigers in Australian domestic cricket and played in the Indian Premier League with the Kolkata Knight Riders in 2008.

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 That's certainly the way he should be recognized... If we all just take a minute and think about what he's put himself through in that 10 or 12 years - running 35 meters to bowl every ball, bowling every ball at close to 150 kph (93 mph), and putting his heart on the line every ball he bowls. I think this bloke deserves a massive pat on the back. 
— Ricky Ponting reflecting on Brett Lee's retirement from test cricket / February 24, 2010
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 I can understand where a lot of negative stuff might start because there are not a lot of results being achieved on the sub-continent these days. That is a worry for the game. But all we can do is just keep on playing good, aggressive, positive cricket and try to get results in most games we play, 
— Ricky Ponting saying drawn test matches in sub-continent is a worry / December 13, 2009
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 I actually think Test cricket is particularly strong. We are a bit lucky because we play a lot of great Test series. We have a great rivalry with South Africa now, the Ashes Tests are always great matches and Australia and India on the Test side of things in recent times have been great contests, 
— Ricky Ponting on test cricket / December 13, 2009
 I sat down with umpires at the end of Adelaide Test and had a chat to them about it. I was a bit worried it might have been putting a bit more pressure on them rather than taking it off, and that's one thing we certainly don't need. We have to remember, right now it's still really new to all of us and we've got to give it a bit more of an extended run to see its true value, 
— Ricky Ponting on the umpire referral system in test cricket / December 13, 2009
 I'd really love to be good enough, strong and fit enough to get back to England for one more crack at it. I've been really disappointed with the way the results have gone over there in the last two Ashes series and it would be nice to go back to The Oval and walk away with some good memories rather than some pretty ordinary ones, 
— Ricky Ponting on playing Ashes in 2012 / December 13, 2009
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 This is the chance I've been waiting for the whole tour. I said from start how much it would mean to me to win this one. 
— Ricky Ponting desperate not to become the first Australian captain to lose two Ashes series in England / August 09, 2009
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 Stuart Clark has a real calm, experienced head on his shoulders. We all know Stuart is capable and it gave us the opportunity for Siddle and Johnson to operate in short bursts. 
— Ricky Ponting hailing Stuart Clark after winning the fourth test of Ashes 2009 / August 09, 2009
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 You can't ask for anything more, We couldn't have done anything much better. We had an unbelievable game. 
— Ricky Ponting after winning the fourth test of Ashes 2009 / August 09, 2009
 I said right through the series if we could get early wickets and get the middle-order in there against the new ball we could do some damage and we did it twice. 
— Ricky Ponting after winning the fourth test of Ashes 2009 / August 09, 2009
 Going out of the tournament in the first round was very unexpected. We have very high expectations going into the competition and our form in the practice matches was also very good. 
— Ricky Ponting on not making it to Super Eights in the 2009 Twenty20 World cup / June 09, 2009
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