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Ricky Gervais Quotes

English comedian, actor, film-maker and broadcaster


Ricky Dene Gervais is well known for his role in the tv series The Office and the subsequent series Extras.

Ricky Gervais Info

Birth nameRicky Dene Gervais
Date of BirthJune 25, 1961
Place of BirthReading, England
OccupationsActor/Comedian (present), Singer (in 1980s)
Domestic partner(s)Jane Fallon (1982–present)
Years active1983–present
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 I've told my agent to never let me be persuaded to do it again though. It's like a parachute jump. You can only really enjoy it in retrospect when you realise you didn't die and it was quite an amazing thing to do. 
— Ricky Gervais will not host a Golden Globe Award function again / January 16, 2012
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 NBC has indeed asked me to consider doing it again. However, I think the Hollywood Foreign Press would need an awful lot of persuading. I would love to work with NBC again as they have been nothing but supportive and honourable but I'm not sure a third hosting would be as much fun as the second. Never say never though. 
— Ricky Gervais saying NBC wants him to host Golden Globe Awards again / August 29, 2011
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 Wow! I think there must be a leak at my accountant's. They are of course spot on. I know it sounds a lot, but remember, I donate a lot of this to good causes. 
— Ricky Gervais about the reports revealing his financial worth / February 23, 2011
 Now this is out, I will have to get my family a million scratch cards each for Christmas. I have decided to use the rest of the money to take over Libya. 
— Ricky Gervais jokes about the reports revealing his financial worth / February 23, 2011
 The ratings went up again, and the organizers asked me to consider a third year. I don’t think I should. I don’t know what I could do better. I certainly couldn’t get more press for them, that’s for sure. You know me. Two seasons is enough. 
— Ricky Gervais saying he was invited to host Golden Globes a third time / February 01, 2011

 I did exactly what I went to do: improve on last year’s and have a laugh. The response was staggering. It was discussed on every news channel and chat show for weeks. The weird thing is, the question is always, ‘Did Ricky go too far?’ And the answer is always, ‘No’. I have yet to find anyone who was actually offended by it. 
— Ricky Gervais on the complaints received over the remarks made by him during hosting the Golden Globe Awards / February 01, 2011