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American bassist, singer, record producer, music manager, A&R executive and television personality


Randall Darius "Randy" Jackson is best known as a judge on American Idol and Executive Producer for MTV's America's Best Dance Crew. Jackson has won a Grammy Award as a producer.

Randy Jackson Info

Birth nameRandall Darius Jackson
Date of BirthJune 23, 1956
Place of BirthBaton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S.
OccupationsMusic producer, musician, television personality
GenresRock, pop, R&B, jazz, jazz fusion
InstrumentsVocals, bass, keyboards
Years active1983–present
Associated actsJourney, Boston, Brooke White, Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Richie Sambora, Breakfast Club, Bruce Springsteen, Taxxi, Jermaine Stewart, Jean-Luc Ponty, Billy Cobham, Madonna, Blue Öyster Cult, Kimberley Locke
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 Don’t get mad at what we say, Get better! 
— Randy Jackson has some advice to the rejected participants of American Idol / October 01, 2010
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 I can’t believe it’s been 10 years of the greatest show in the world. I am looking forward to this next season; we are going to knock it out of the park. Season 10 is going to be hot! 
— Randy Jackson is looking forward to the 10th season of American Idol / September 23, 2010
 What's cool though is you guy will definitely be nuturing and you're coming from a real place because you could say 'hey listen, when I was at this stage and I was trying to get it together, here's what I did.' And the proof is positive because you're where you are now, and you're huge successes, both of you, so the kids have to really listen this time. Because I felt sometimes the past couple seasons we'd say stuff and they'd look at us like deer in the headlights. 
— Randy Jackson on contestants looking up to Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler on American Idol / September 22, 2010