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Raj Bhavsar Quotes

Olympic Bronze Medallist Gymanst


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 My goal of coming here is to do something for the country of my origin. After achieving something like an Olympic medal, I could not forget that a big part of me is Indian-American. I would like to share my experience and my story with the country of my ancestors, especially with the Indian gymnasts. 
— Raj Bhavsar / June 2009
 I feel the same for India. The will is there, the potential is there. I saw a lot of Indian gymasts and am very excited to see their potential. 
— Raj Bhavsar on Indian gymansts / June 2009
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 The level is low now and the level is low in many other countries. And countries have made improvement. For a long time, the US was not the best but with the right focus and right training now it is considered as a powerhouse in gymnastics. 
— Raj Bhavsar on Indian gymnastics / June 2009