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Rahul Gandhi Quotes

Member of the Parliament of India representing the Amethi constituency, General Secretary of the Indian National Congress


Rahul Gandhi is the General Secretary of the Indian National Congress. He belongs to the Nehru-Gandhi family, the most prominent political family in India. In 2009 He turned down a cabinet post in the Manmohan Singh government.

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 There are two lines of thinking - one of the UPA and one of the NDA. Our (Congress) slogan is for the common man. The BJP picked up its 'India Shining' slogan in 2004 from TV. That too was in English which most people did not understand. They (BJP) cannot reach out to the real India of farmers and labour class 
— Rahul Gandhi / May 09, 2009
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 I am not saying that only Congress has leaders (who have done good work), there are leaders in the opposition.......... Nitish (Kumar), for example 
— Rahul Gandhi / May 05, 2009
 If Left gets 180-190 seats, we will consider supporting them. I hope they are able to achieve that. If they are able to do that, I will be the first one to say you know what,... 
— Rahul Gandhi saying that congress will consider supporting left parties / May 05, 2009
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 Chandrababu Naidu did a reasonably good job (as Andhra Pradesh chief minister). He focussed on Hyderabad, he went on the wrong bend perhaps, but I respect him 
— Rahul Gandhi on Chandrababu Naidu / May 05, 2009
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 I will not talk of poverty, backwardness, but will talk of terror. We know of terror and we will fight it. Today, there is peace in Kashmir. There was attack on Mumbai and Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh has put diplomatic pressure on Pakistan 
— Rahul Gandhi on congress' achievement in the last 5 years / May 05, 2009

 No compromise on Manmohan and nuke deal 
— Rahul Gandhi on Manmohan Singh and Nuclear deal / May 03, 2009
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 The Prime Minister was ready to step down if the nuke deal did not go through. He said if my government goes, let it go but I will make this important deal happen. 
— Rahul Gandhi on Manmohan Singh / May 2009
 I will continue to work for the youth unless I am forced by the prime minister and my boss (Congress president Sonia Gandhi).... But personally, I prefer to work for the youth. 
— Rahul Gandhi on working for the youth / May 2009
 During the time of elections, the BJP leaders talk about terrorism. They say that Congress Party does not fight terrorism. After Mumbai terror attacks, the Prime Minister put pressure on Pakistan and they for the first time accepted that perpetrators were from their soil. When the BJP was in power, the aircraft reached Kandahar. And Jaswant Singh had to concede defeat. And now they say that they don't remember what happened. We don't remember how minister went there. 
— Rahul Gandhi at a public rally in Aligarh / May 2009
 We send money from Delhi. But there is an elephant sitting in Lucknow, which doesn't eat grass. It's a special elephant, it doesn't eat grass, and it eats your money. But we will talk about it later. We will push out that elephant in its third year. We will do that together. 
— Rahul Gandhi on Mayawati for mishandling central-alloted funds / May 2009
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