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Prakash Javadekar Quotes

BJP spokesperson


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 In Marathi, Gadkari means 'protector or guard of the fort under attack'. He is going to be true to his name. 
— Prakash Javadekar / November 2009
 Congress supporting Quattrocchi and Afzal 
— Prakash Javadekar / May 03, 2009
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 We welcome the order of the Supreme Court as it will bring justice to victims of Godhra train carnage and the riots after the carnage 
— Prakash Javadekar welcoming the Supreme Court's decision on Gujarat riots / May 2009
 We hope that the Supreme Court will also take such pro-active steps for speedier justice in case of Bhagalpur riots, 1984 Sikh carnage and Ramjanma Bhoomi land dispute which is pending in courts for 50 years 
— Prakash Javadekar / May 2009
 Whenever people will isten to the song, they will be reminded of the slums and the poor people across the country - the result of 50 years of Congress rule. 
— Prakash Javadekar / 2009