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Praful Patel Quotes

Civil Aviation Minister of India


Praful Patel is a senior leader of Nationalist Congress Party

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 I don't have anything to do with cricket, IPL, BCCI. No question of holding any kind of stake. 
— Praful Patel saying he knows nothing about the IPL controversy / April 20, 2010
 We will take the issue with the United States government strongly. Such incidents involving Indians due to their religion or nationality should not happen. We will not accept it 
— Praful Patel on Shahrukh Khan's detention issue at Newark International Airport / August 16, 2009
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 The disciplinary action committee of the party met here and decided to suspend the Lok Sabha member from Osamanabad in Maharashtra from the primary membership. 
— Praful Patel on NCP suspending Padamsinh Patil / June 10, 2009
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 We are not holding him guilty. But we would like to keep a distance as Patil faces the legal process. If he proves his innocence, we will have no problem in taking him back. 
— Praful Patel on NCP suspending Padamsinh Patil / June 10, 2009
 As far as the case of Padamsinh Patil is concerned it is the issue between the investigating agencies and police. NCP considers this his personal matter. If charges against him are proved then the party would completely disassociate itself from him. 
— Praful Patel about the arrest of party's senior leader Padamsinh Pati / June 08, 2009