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Prachanda Quotes

Born as Chhabilal Dahal, later Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Former Prime Minister of Nepal


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 We can't tolerate our land being encroached. We want all the unequal treaties to be scraped and protect our national independence, 
— Prachanda stepping up his anti-India rhetoric / May 01, 2010
 We will now turn to a campaign of peace and building a new Nepal. 
— Prachanda / October 07, 2009
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 After Madhav Kumar Nepal became the Prime Minister, a conspiracy is being hatched with the help of foreign powers to restore monarchy 
— Prachanda / May 30, 2009
 First of all, Gyanendra will be brought back as the King for some time and he would then abdicate on health grounds. Then his grandson Hridayenda will be declared ceremonial king for which preparations are being done in Delhi 
— Prachanda saying there is conspiracy to bring back monarcy / May 30, 2009
 Intense debate and discussion is going on. I'm hopeful. Hopeful that within a couple of days we will be able to have a new consensus and form the new government. 
— Prachanda / May 09, 2009

 I have resigned from the post of prime minister from today for the protection of democracy and peace 
— Prachanda in a televised address to the nation / May 04, 2009