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Pawan Kumar Bansal Quotes

Parliamentary Affairs Minister of India


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 If the members who have been suspended express regret to the Chairman we can consider revoking the suspension. 
— Pawan Kumar Bansal / March 10, 2010
 Government plans to bring the Bill in the Rajya Sabha on March 8 for consideration and passing, 
— Pawan Kumar Bansal on the Women's reservation bill / March 03, 2010
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 Media played a big role in the Mumbai terror attacks and even forced Pakistan to acknowledge that the lone captured survivor Ajmal Kasab was their citizen. But the constant coverage also provided inputs to the terrorists to plan their operations. 
— Pawan Kumar Bansal on the 11/26 Mumbai attacks / June 06, 2009
 Therefore, there are questions that stare at our face on what should be media's response to such incidents 
— Pawan Kumar Bansal referring to media coverage on the 11/26 Mumbai Attacks / June 06, 2009

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