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Paula Abdul Quotes

American pop singer, record producer, dancer, choreographer, actress and television personality


Paula Julie Abdul started her career as a cheerleader for the Los Angeles Lakers. She is also the judge in the popular tv show American Idol.

Paula Abdul Info

Date of BirthJune 19, 1962
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 I keep saying his mom, Julie, should be a judge because Simon came from her, 
— Paula Abdul feels Simon Cowell's mom should replace him as judge in American Idol / July 09, 2010
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 Simon is going to be knighted. And he will make everyone call him ‘Sir.’ 
— Paula Abdul joking that Simon Cowell will be knighted / July 09, 2010
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 I am truly thankful for each and everyone of you! Thank you for being a part of my life! xoP 
— Paula Abdul on her twitter page for Thanksgiving Day / November 26, 2009
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 We'll be seeing you next week and many years after that. 
— Paula Abdul on the American Idol show to Adam Lambert
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 I'm not even watching an American Idol Competition, I'm watching an Adam Lambert concert 
— Paula Abdul praising Adam Lambert at American Idol competitions