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South African spinner


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 That's a necessity. I don't have doosras, I don't have miracle carom balls, I'm not a miracle bowler. I'm just a steady left-arm spinner. You have to have something else to your self. I'm pretty chilled and relaxed when I'm not bowling, but for some reason when I get the ball in my hands I'm not afraid of the dirty work. You can't bounce batsmen out as a spinner but you have to be cleverer than the seamers and talk them out once in a while. 
— Paul Harris on his grim bowling method / February 2010
 Look mate, perception is reality in the world, and most spinners are like that. They get wickets from what you think they're going to do rather than on what they actually do. Murali did it for years, Warnie did it as a pastime, he had a great leggie and a slider, he lost his flipper at the end of his career, but most of his wickets were through perception. Batsmen were seeing balls going around corners when it wasn't necessarily so. He was a master at it and that's a gift. 
— Paul Harris / February 2010
 I've been around for three years now and no one has expected anything out of me, everyone thinks I'm rubbish. But I keep getting wickets on most tours. As long as I'm getting wickets I don't care what people say about me. I suppose there's more pressure on me in India but that's why you play cricket. Maybe I'll continue to shock a few people. 
— Paul Harris / February 2010
 There are a few characters in the team, there's a young feller called Mark Boucher who's a bit of a character, but I'm probably one of the main ones. 
— Paul Harris / February 2010

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