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Paparazzi Quotes


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 I know I should ignore them and not give them a picture but I can’t help it. Something just takes over when I see those guys. I have taken their cameras and lost my temper. I can’t help myself. 
— Shia LaBeouf hates the Paparazzi / September 18, 2010
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 Yo why can't all paparazzi photos be this good? This pic is hardcore. Peep the perspective shot of the city in the back. Sometimes the paps overexpose the lens or have the flash too high taking all the emotion out of the moment. This moment is captured in time now 
— Kanye West inspired by a photo of Rihanna / May 21, 2009
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 I felt I was being harassed by paparazzi and, while complaining to the police about this at the scene, they did warn me to calm down - a warning that I regrettably did not heed 
— Ashley Cole Speaking about his 2009 arrest / 2009
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