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P Chidambaram Quotes

Union Minister of Home Affairs, India


P Chidambaram is the Union Minister of Home Affairs of the Republic of India. He is among the most prominent cabinet ministers of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA) union government led by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. From May 2004 to November 2008, he was the Finance Minister of India. However, after the resignation of Shivraj Patil, Chidambaram was made the Home Affairs Minister.

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 Kasab was convicted not on the basis of his confession but on the basis of the evidence gathered against him, 
— P Chidambaram said in the Rajya Sabha / May 06, 2010
 This was not only oral evidence but a wealth of material that was painstakingly gathered. We were able to reconstruct the path (of the 10 attackers) from Karachi to Mumbai. We were able to track mobile phone conversations within hours of the attack, 
— P Chidambaram said in the Rajya Sabha / May 06, 2010
 We did not create a Guantanamo Bay. We did not create a military court. Kasab was tried in a normal civil court, except that the judge was designated a special judge. 
— P Chidambaram speaking about the course of the trial / May 06, 2010
 The court has convicted certain accused. It also acquitted two accused. That shows the independence, fearlessness and integrity of the court, 
— P Chidambaram reacting to the verdict of the 2008 11/26 Mumbai Attacks / May 03, 2010
 I am satisfied that within a year we have been able to bring a verdict of conviction of a large number of accused in perhaps a very complex trial. The trial underlines the fact that India is a country governed by rule of law. A criminal trial can only proceed step by step and within a year, the prosecution has been able to get conviction, 
— P Chidambaram reacting to the verdict of the 2008 11/26 Mumbai Attacks / May 03, 2010

 [The Judgment] is a message to Pakistan that they should not export terror to India. If they do and if the terrorists are apprehended, we will be able to bring them to justice and give them exemplary punishment. 
— P Chidambaram when asked a message for Pakistan on the verdict / May 03, 2010
 I wish to state categorically that no telephone tapping or eavesdropping on political leaders was authorised by the previous UPA government. Nor has the present UPA government authorised any such activity, 
— P Chidambaram saying that the Government didn't authorize phone tapping / April 26, 2010
 Further enquiries are being made into the allegations in the magazine. If any evidence is forthcoming or discovered, the matter will be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate agencies, 
— P Chidambaram saying the report of phone tapping that came in the 'Outlook' magazine was thoroughly enquired into / April 26, 2010