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Oprah Winfrey Show Quotes


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 It's so weird - even my dog Norman gets recognised. He's famous. But I've told him no more Oprah appearances. 
— Jennifer Aniston telling how her dog is getting publicity / May 2009
 Look, Michelle Obama's guns. I could have those arms 
— Kirstie Alley speaking on Oprah Winfrey Show saying she wants arms like those of Michelle / April 2009
 Don't you look around and see what you want to look like? 
— Kirstie Alley speaking on Oprah Winfrey Show on her desire to shed weight
 I really don't know what happened. Two days before the Oscars we were rehearsing at one of the theatres for the Oscars, the 'Jay Leno Show' and the 'Oprah Winfrey Show' when a massive chandelier, covering a portion of the ceiling, crashed to the spot just a split second after I moved away 
— AR Rahman