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Nikolay Davydenko
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 I thought I broke wrist, I had swelling for three days. I could not touch anything with my left wrist. I did not know if I would play here, which is the reason I requested a Tuesday start. But I started feeling a little bit better. I did not have any preparation for this tournament. It still pains, but I continued today’s match. I hope it's not a big problem and I can play here and the Davis Cup. 
— Nikolay Davydenko on requesting a tuesday first round match at the Dubai Open 2010 / February 23, 2010
 Now everyone's scared of me. It's an interesting feeling. Now I feel like I can beat everyone. 
— Nikolay Davydenko at the start of Australian Open 2010 / January 2010
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 I was thinking now (it will be) deuce, I already need to think about my serve... I could not believe, he cannot hit (it) out because these balls should be in. I don't know why he (made the) mistake. 
— Nikolay Davydenko on Robin Soderling hitting a ball long in the final round robin match / November 27, 2009
 Today was a two-set match. In a grand slam, I need to play one more set against Nadal. I don't know If I can beat him in a third set, and a fourth and a fifth. It's difficult. Maybe if you change the grand slam to three sets, I can win some. 
— Nikolay Davydenko on beating Rafael Nadal for the Shanghai Masters title. / November 2009
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