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Nikki Reed Quotes

American film actress and screenwriter


Nicole Houston "Nikki" Reed is known for the film Thirteen, for which she co-wrote the screenplay

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 I think that she's replacing all of that love that she didn't get with adrenaline, almost like trying match that feeling. So, it's all about pushing the limits and pushing her parents, whose going to turn their head and care about what she's doing. She has an affair with her step father because they both have that one thing in common, they live with this absolutely wretched woman, Diane, who is played by Carrie-Anne Moss. I know it sounds awful but they end up killing her mother, but it's all done in a sort of funny manner, if that helps. 
— Nikki Reed on her character Mini's First Time
 People tend to get nervous when they're working with first time writer-directors. Because, we've all had our share of bad experiences when you work with someone who is too close to the material and can't really pull themselves away. 
— Nikki Reed
 I did a movie called American Gun, which should be opening in the next few weeks. It's produced by Forest Whitaker and it's about the proliferation of guns in America with a bunch of specific stories that play in towns around the country. I also did a movie called Mini's First Time with Alec Baldwin that Kevin Spacey produced. I played Mini and that's opening July 14th in New York and LA. 
— Nikki Reed on movie American Gun
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 I did a lot of research at the time, especially serial killers and murders - not that's what Mini is - but a lot of times people grow up and they don't have those fundamental traits that parents give them. It really messes with their emotions and their ability to feel consequences or feel empathy. That's pretty much the theory about who Mini is, she was raised with no love, no affection and no attention. So, she has this theory of firsts, she wants to do everything once. 
— Nikki Reed on her character in Mini's First Time
 I just kind of loved the idea of playing a character that was so different than myself, it's actually the opposite. I grew up with very little money but with a mother who always over loved and was overly affectionate with my brother and I. So, I just thought that was something I could not relate to at all with where she was coming from, but it was something that I wanted to play. 
— Nikki Reed on her character in Mini's First Time

 I finished a film called Cherry Crush, which is actually going to come out in the fall. It's got a wonderful cast and I'm very proud of it. 
— Nikki Reed on Cherry Crush movie
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 Mini comes from a very troubled placed. Her mother is an alcoholic and a drug addict. Basically, it's the theory of a human being raised without any sort of affection. 
— Nikki Reed on her character in Mini's First Time
 Whenever you hear that Kevin Spacey is producing a project and he is going to be very in touch and work closely with that project, it is kind of like it doesn't matter what it is, right after that you're very interested. I sat down with the writer-director and my first question was "Where did this come from?" You start having fun with directors, you have to feel like you can relate to them or at least be on the same level in terms of understanding the project and the material. You have to be sort of one with it; and he was. Then, I sat down with Kevin Spacey and Dana Brunetti, who produced it as well, who is fantastic. 
— Nikki Reed
 Nick was so willing to collaborate, which I think all actors hope for. We want to be directed by someone who has a strong vision, which he did. But, he was also open to rehearsals, which I love. Letting the actors play with the material a little bit and find what's most comfortable. There were certainly some things I found in the script that originally I couldn't do because I was sixteen when we shot it, even though I was playing eighteen. He was very willing to make sure that I was comfortable with what I was doing and those are all things that are really important to me. 
— Nikki Reed
 The number-one rule of writing is write what you know--or something like that. So I wrote about my experiences. 
— Nikki Reed on writing for movies