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American socialite and television personality known for her role in The Simple Life


Nicole Camille Richie is an American socialite and television personality. The adopted daughter of soul singer Lionel Richie, she is perhaps best known for her role in the Fox reality television series The Simple Life, alongside fellow socialite and childhood best friend Paris Hilton.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie Info

Birth nameNicole Camille Escovedo
Date of BirthSeptember 21, 1981
Place of BirthBerkeley, California, U.S.
OccupationsSocialite, television personality, actress, fashion designer
Spouse (s)Joel Madden (2010–present)
ChildrenHarlow Winter Kate(b. 2008), Sparrow James Midnight (b. 2009)
Years active2003–present
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 She has no idea that she has two lines named after her - I try and let her be a kid. 
— Nicole Richie saying her children doesn't know that they are famous / February 28, 2012
 I don't think he should make it somebody else's responsibility to keep him sober. If he wants [his sobriety] to last for a long time, it's up to him. He's an adult and he needs to take responsibility for his actions. 
— Nicole Richie saying Charlie Sheen need to take responsibility for his actions / February 16, 2011
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 This whole 'My last name is Madden' thing is really working for me here in Ireland! I'm down, I'm down. 
— Nicole Richie in a twitter tweet saying she love being called Mrs. Madden / February 04, 2011
 One thing about me is that I’ve always taken responsibility for my own actions whether they’re good or bad. Even when I was going through my tough time, that was a situation that I created. 
— Nicole Richie takes responsibility for her own actions / September 23, 2010
 People ask me, do I blame Hollywood or my parents? No I don’t blame my parents. It had nothing to do with them. I created it and manifested it and I got myself through it with the help of a lot of great people. When I look back at old photos, I’m able to laugh at myself, in the same way I can show my dad [Lionel Richie] a picture of himself when he was in The Commodores with the Afro and the bell bottoms and he’s like, ‘Oh baby, that’s so funny’. 
— Nicole Richie takes responsibility for her own actions / September 23, 2010

 When you go out and have your outfit on, you should check that everything is securely in place by dancing in the mirror, 
— Nicole Richie dances in front of the mirror before going out to check for any wardrobe malfunctions / August 16, 2010