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Nicolas Sarkozy Quotes

President of France


Nicolas Sarkozy Info

Date of BirthJanuary 28, 1955
Place of BirthParis, France
Spouse (s)Marie-Dominique Culioli (1982–1996), Cecilia Ciganer-Albeniz (1996–2007), Carla Bruni (2008–present)
ChildrenPierre (by Culioli), Jean (by Culioli), Louis (by Ciganer-Albeniz) Giulia (by Bruni)
ResidenceElysee Palace
Political PartyUnion for a Popular Movement (2002–present)
Alma materParis West University Nanterre La Defense, Paris Institute of Political Studies
Other political affiliationsRally for the Republic (1976–2002)
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 These heroes who saved the honour of France at a moment when she seemed lost are dying, one after the other. We have a duty to keep their memory alive 
— Nicolas Sarkozy in a statement about the death of French resistance hero Raymond Aubrac / April 11, 2012
 It would be like a captain saying at the height of a storm that he was giving up, 
— Nicolas Sarkozy on live television announcing his re-election bid / February 15, 2012
 Iran cannot continue its mad race. 
— Nicolas Sarkozy / March 31, 2010
 We will remain by your side in Afghanistan. In the face of terrorism, we cannot be divided. 
— Nicolas Sarkozy / March 31, 2010
 The burka is not a sign of religion, it is a sign of subservience. It will not be welcome on the territory of the French republic. 
— Nicolas Sarkozy speaking against burka / June 22, 2009

 We know how far we still have to go, We know it is a long and difficult way. But we also know how much a united Europe and an America true to its values can achieve together. 
— Nicolas Sarkozy comparing the fight against Nazism and fascism to the current challenge / June 06, 2009
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 It's a tragic accident. The chances of finding survivors are tiny. 
— Nicolas Sarkozy on the missing Air France flight / June 01, 2009
 I told them the truth: The chances of finding survivors are very weak, We know there was strong turbulence, but other planes have experienced turbulence. . . . The specialists refuse at this stage of the probe to favor this or that lead. A lot of work is underway regarding the meteorological conditions and the last conversation with the cockpit. 
— Nicolas Sarkozy to the relatives of the passengers on the missing Air France Jet / June 01, 2009