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Nicolas Anelka Quotes

French Football player, plays for Chelsea in Premier League


Nicolas Sebastien Anelka plays as a striker for Chelsea in the English Premier League. Anelka was also a regular starter for the French national team. Carlo Ancelotti describes him as a quick player with good aerial ability, technique, shooting, and movement of the ball.

Nicolas Anelka Info

Full NameNicolas Sébastien Anelka
Date of BirthMarch 14, 1979
Place of BirthVersailles, France
Height6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
Playing positionStriker, winger
Current ClubChelsea
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 I hope Selim Benachour and Didier Drogba will quickly join us. I hope they come. It is up to the club to see if we have the right means. 
— Nicolas Anelka hopes Drogba will leave Chelsea to join Shanghai Shenhua / April 16, 2012
 It was just something for the French Federation about what happened at the World Cup. What happened in summer is in the past, now I'm 100 per cent focused for Chelsea. 
— Nicolas Anelka confirming that his handcuff celebration after scoring a goal against MSK Zilina was a message to FFF / September 16, 2010
 At Liverpool I was only there for six months so it is difficult to judge. At Bolton Wanderers I was playing up front alone and that is a different role to play in football. Now I like the way I am playing but I have always liked to create goals and give assists because I like to win. When you want to win, even if you don't score you want to make someone score and this is what I did last weekend. For me when you score and when you create a goal, it is the same. When you like football, I think you must like to do both as well. I will try to score more and I will try to do more assists but as I say, the most important is to win games and I am sure even if I don't score, even if I don't give assists then someone else will do it. This is the power of Chelsea. We have a lot of good players and everybody is capable of giving something on the pitch. 
— Nicolas Anelka / August 19, 2010
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 I have played up front, I have played on the left, I have played on the right and I have played behind the striker as well and so I like it, I like the way I am playing now. I even prefer to play on the right or on the left or behind the striker. I used to be a striker but not anymore. I want to change, I want to develop the new position I have played since I have been at Chelsea. This is why I want to play as long as I can because I have played 10 years up front, now I feel like I want to change something and with this new position I have a lot to do as well. That is why I want to play more and more and more games. Players need to change how they play in their thirties and even more so in England because it is so physical and quick with a lot of contact. You are not like you were when you were younger so you need to adapt your game - and this is exactly what I want to do. 
— Nicolas Anelka / August 19, 2010
 For me, this whole commission thing is a nonsense, a charade not to lose face. The so-called punishment has no relevance whatsoever because, for me, the French national team was an issue which ended on June 19 when I was kicked out of the training centre at Knysna. This is just to entertain the public, to turn the page because Laurent Blanc needs to be able to work in peace. These people are clowns. I am dying with laughter. 
— Nicolas Anelka after being handed a 18-match ban after the disastrous World Cup campaign in South Africa / August 17, 2010