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Nick Cassavetes Quotes

Hollywood film director


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 To talk about this subject, you really have to say that people are more important than movies, and we forget that sometimes, We were all stunned to find out that he had died so suddenly and, apparently, he was a hell of a guy and a gigantic influence on Cameron. 
— Nick Cassavetes about Cameron Diaz father's death / June 06, 2009
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 She was like the rest of us - a rag doll and unsure and didn't know what country she was in and truly wasn't fully able to comprehend what had happened to her, But, being the consummate professional that she was, she always comes prepared. It was more of an experience of her getting through it and let's finish. 
— Nick Cassavetes on Cameron Diaz's return to the set after her father's death / June 06, 2009