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Nemanja Vidic Quotes

Serbian Football player, Plays for Manchester United in EPL


Nemanja Vidić is a Serbian football player. He currently plays for the English Premier League club Manchester United and for the Serbian national team. Vidić married Ana Ivanović, an economics student at the University of Belgrade and they have two sons named Luka and Stefan.

Nemanja Vidic Info

Full NameNemanja Vidić
Date of BirthOctober 21, 1981
Place of BirthTitovo Užice, SFR Yugoslavia
Height6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Playing positionCentre back
Current ClubManchester United
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 Sometimes you read people saying that certain players have a hard job to play against someone else. Obviously, this is the opinion some people have because they always mention it. I don't have a problem with that. I can only change it on the pitch, not by saying what I think in the media. It actually just makes me more focused to do my job. 
— Nemanja Vidic saying he is not scared of playing against Fernando Torres in the Premier League / February 27, 2011
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 They are so many points behind, it would be very difficult for them to come back. But anything can happen. If you look at the league and how many points we have lost and the games Chelsea lost in a row, you never know. 
— Nemanja Vidic on Chelsea's chances of winning the Premier League title / February 27, 2011
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 I am not surprised by where we are. The table shows where we should be. We are where we are. We have the points we should have overall. We don't need to bother about other teams because we are in a good position. It all depends on us. 
— Nemanja Vidic saying Man U deserves to lead the Premier League points table / February 24, 2011
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 We are just thinking about ourselves. We are just taking it game by game. We have important matches to play but the next one is Wigan. We have to take the three points. I believe we can, 
— Nemanja Vidic saying they(Man U) are taking one game at a time / February 24, 2011
 I came to this club when I was young and have developed enormously with the help of the manager, coaching staff and my team-mates. During my time here we have had a lot of success and I look forward to continuing that success in the coming seasons. 
— Nemanja Vidic is happy to be back at Manchester United / August 20, 2010

 It does not depend on us. Obviously we are looking for Wigan [Athletic] to do something. Chelsea have the last game at home and if they win they will have the title. But we will focus on our game. It is our last game in front of our crowd and we want to give them a good game. If it happens, it happens. 
— Nemanja Vidic has not given up the hope of winning the Premier League title this year / May 09, 2010
 I have the feeling that in ten days we lost the chance. At the beginning of the season we knew it would be hard to win the Premier League for a fourth time in a row. We have had a few injuries which did not help, and I hope next year we will be all fit. 
— Nemanja Vidic feels they lost the momentum in a span of 10 days / May 09, 2010
 I have never said anything about wanting to leave. The speculation has all been generated by other people. I think one reason it went on for so long was because I was injured and didn't have many chances to speak out about the issue. But I haven't spoken to any other clubs. United is a great club. I have had a lot of success and made a name for myself here. I appreciate all of that. 
— Nemanja Vidic denying exit talk from Manchester United / April 07, 2010