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Naomi Watts Quotes

British Born actress from Australia


Naomi Ellen Watts began her career appearing in commercials and tv series like Home and Away, Brides of Christ and the family sitcom Hey Dad..!.

Naomi Watts Info

Birth nameNaomi Ellen Watts
Date of BirthSeptember 28, 1968
Place of BirthShoreham, Kent, England, UK
Domestic partner(s)Liev Schreiber (2005–present)
Years active1986–present
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 I believe in honesty all the way. Liev knows everything about me. I don’t think I could have done that — walk out the door and not say I was going to a foreign country as Valerie did in her job. Maybe she didn’t see it as lying so much as withholding the truth. 
— Naomi Watts believes honesty is the key for a successful relationship / February 24, 2011
 They don’t really understand it yet. There have been times when they’ll see a flash of us on TV and they’ll go, ‘Oh mummy!’ then they come to the set and think our work is in a trailer. That’s our office. I did a film called The Impossible with Ewan McGregor, a story based on the tsunami and that one was quite difficult for them because they saw me in quite a bad condition. I just had to explain the ‘owies’ -– bruises — were just pretend. 
— Naomi Watts saying that her children doesn't yet know about her work / February 24, 2011
 I feel extraordinarily fulfilled. Sometimes I can’t believe I’ve come to this point where I have a good man in my life, two beautiful children and I’m doing interesting films. I never thought it would all work out so well for me. I’ve often felt lonely in my life and what’s beautiful about being with Liev is that I feel I will never be lonely again. 
— Naomi Watts feels fulfilled with her life / January 27, 2011
 Ever since Sasha was born, I have felt this tremendous sense of reward and pure joy from watching him grow and being a part of his little world. It’s almost frightening to think now that if I hadn’t met Liev, I might never have had a child of my own. It’s a happy ending now, from this point forward. There will always be problems along the way but I feel very, very pleased with my family. 
— Naomi Watts is pleased with her family / January 27, 2011
 I didn’t ever think I would be having kids this late. Then two under the age of two in diapers — it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the most rewarding. 
— Naomi Watts saying motherhood is the hardest thing she has ever done / June 14, 2010

 I didn’t really worry a bout having time off. My career started late, so by the time I was ready to have children, I felt like I had enough body of work under my belt. I was ready to say, ‘OK, let’s slow this down a little bit.’ 
— Naomi Watts saying motherhood is the hardest thing she has ever done / June 14, 2010
 I would love to have an endless brood of children. I grew up in chaos. I feel comfortable in chaos. Whether or not I’ll ever adopt remains to be seen, but I totally believe in adoption. 
— Naomi Watts / May 07, 2010