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Portuguese footballer, Plays for Manchester United in EPL


Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha, popularly known as Nani plays for the Portugal national team and as a winger for Manchester United in the English Premier League. He began his carrer by joining the youth team in 2003 and made his debut in 2005. Nani made his Portugal debut in 2006 and he scored his first goal in the process.

Nani Info

Full NameLuís Carlos Almeida da Cunha
Date of BirthNovember 17, 1986
Place of BirthPraia, Cape Verde
Height5 ft 9 in (1.75 m)
Playing positionWinger
Current ClubManchester United
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 I'm happy to announce that we're engaged :-) 
— Nani in a twitter tweet announcing his engagement to Daniela Martins / April 24, 2012
 I try to enjoy playing now, but it is not always possible because I have a responsibility to the team. But something of the street remains in me. It is not easy to show at United because Sir Alex does not allow very much freedom and I cannot do the tricks and things I did with my friends. But when the game is under control I take a risk and it makes me very happy if things work out. 
— Nani says he can't always play his tricks on the field while playing for Manchester United / March 25, 2011
 It’s the most important period of the season and I think that if we can beat Chelsea and Liverpool then we’ll have a fantastic opportunity to win the league. But that’s easy to say: it’s much harder to do it. Chelsea and Liverpool are fantastic teams and obviously they’re desperate to win as well. We know it won’t be easy. 
— Nani / February 28, 2011
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 It's my best season at United, but the most important thing is to win the trophies with the team. When I have won the trophies, I will look back at how I have contributed. 
— Nani calling the current season of Premier League with Manchester United as his best / February 26, 2011
 Ronaldo calls me to wish me good luck and tells me how well I am doing. We are good friends. But I don't compare myself to Ronaldo or anyone else. I just think about myself, the club and what I can do for them. 
— Nani is good friends with Cristiano Ronaldo / February 26, 2011

 I want to score more goals. We need more players to score because, if you’ve got just one player scoring, then that is bad for the team, 
— Nani saying Manchester United cannot rely on Wayne Rooney alone to score goals / April 23, 2010
 I’m playing well on the training ground and that’s why I play every week in the games. I’m so happy at this club. Of course, when you play and everything is going right it makes you want to stay for many years. I want to become part of a history of this club. 
— Nani is happy playing for Manchester United / April 23, 2010
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