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 It is just entertainment. There are so many objectionable things which are shown on screen, like murder, arson and so on... Then such things should be banned first. We should try to implement whatever we can. 
— Ghulam Nabi Azad on smoking and drinking on screen / May 31, 2009
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 It is impossible to make a film on everybody's life but yes, an autobiography is an account of the person who has gone through the situation. It is better than plain imagination 
— Mahesh Bhatt speaking at an autobiography release function / April 2008
 I like movies that make you think. 
— Robin Wright Penn
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 After every movie, I always kick myself for the same things-didn't do enough, not enough variation, not enough interesting choices, too bland. 
— Robin Wright Penn
 I'm talking about a proper movie that I'm in - I don't have one. And if one doesn't come along that I want to do. I will be gone. I will be retired. So that's how it is with me now. 
— Michael Caine on lack of proper acting roles that is leading to delay for his appearance in movies
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 People here have aversion to any other culture and it's great how this film has been accepted by the Americans. It felt like a total Indian evening with Americans watching it 
— AR Rahman
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 I love making movies, but it is too early to think about international career in Hollywood 
— Giselle Eiti speaking about her third movie The Expendables in April 2009
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 I wouldn't take my clothes off, but I've only done that twice, contrary to what everyone in the world believes 
— Ellen Barkin on stripping for films
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