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American Actress


Mayte Michelle Rodriguez is an American actress. Following on from her breakthrough role in 2000's Girlfight, she has become best-known for playing tough-girl roles and starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as The Fast and the Furious (2001); Blue Crush (2002); Resident Evil (2002); S.W.A.T. (2003); Fast & Furious (2009) and James Cameron's Avatar (2009), as well as for her role as Ana Lucia Cortez in the television series Lost (2005–2006, 2009–2010)

Michelle Rodriguez Info

Birth nameMayte Michelle Rodriguez
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1978
Place of BirthBexar County, Texas, U.S.
Years active1999–present
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 I am learning but I really suck at it. It’s very unnatural for me. Also it makes your finger tips hard and what girl wants hard finger tips? That’s not hot. I’ve been told to put crazy glue on my finger tips to help but I’m not mad about that. 
— Michelle Rodriguez has been trying to play the guitar / November 05, 2010
 This crazy little party girl who loves to enjoy life actually has a purpose. So, that's really the core of why I've survived so many years and I can go and I can fall down and I can get back up. Why? Because I know why I'm here. That's the question that a lot of people need to answer when they do fall is, 'Why am I here?' If you can answer that question, you'll be able to dust yourself off and shine like a phoenix out of ashes. 
— Michelle Rodriguez about overcoming her problems as a young actress / August 26, 2010
 You know what was amazing to me? Finally not having a frickin’ cop outfit. I’m so tired of these butchy polyester outfits. It seems every time I do something I’m wearing some government outfit — it’s so annoying. With the exception of Fast And The Furious, I’m always in uniform. I’m always like, ‘Can I just get rid of this butch outfit and be hot for once?’ 
— Michelle Rodriguez is tired of doing action roles / August 22, 2010
 That was one of my first conditions before we even started, ‘I’m not taking this off and you’re still interested [director] Robert [Rodriguez] , you can pay me’ — I’m joking. But I understand why some did. I think it’s that some people have that Cleopatra appeal, some people have that warrior appeal, and some people have the mother appeal – whatever your power is as a woman, go for it! Run with it! 
— Michelle Rodriguez refused to expose her br**sts / August 22, 2010