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Portuguese Tennis player


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 Nobody can tell me to stop grunting. If they have to fine me, go ahead, 'cause I'd rather get fined than lose a match because I had to stop grunting. That's all. If people don't like my grunting, they can always leave. 
— Michelle Larcher De Brito / June 22, 2009
 It doesn't bother me one little bit. It's just something I've done always since I started playing tennis. 
— Michelle Larcher De Brito on screaming during playing shots in a tennis match / June 2009
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 When I was nine I was still quite young. The only thing I really thought about was tennis. I thought it was a really good thing to go to America to improve. 
— Michelle Larcher De Brito / June 2009
 Sometimes I wonder how it would be like to be normal, a girl my age. But at the same time, I have this opportunity. People say I'm talented and I have a good chance of making it, so you don't want to throw away the opportunity. You don't want to say, 'Oh, I could have been No. 1' or 'I could have done that'. I'm quite happy with my choice. 
— Michelle Larcher De Brito on her choice to choose tennis / June 2009
 One time my brothers won a tournament and I said, 'I also want to win a tournament'. My mom said, 'No, you have to practice and try and win'. I said, 'Okay'. I practiced every day and I played tournaments and I won. It was good. 
— Michelle Larcher De Brito / June 2009

 She's actually the first one (to complain), I guess that was a bit of her tactic to throw me off a little bit. 
— Michelle Larcher De Brito on Aravane Rezai complaining to the umpire on her screaming while playing / May 29, 2009

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