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Father of Lindsay Lohan


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 This has been a very stressful time, none of us need this added stress to our lives. I’m not going to let people continue to distort things: Lindsay never stole a necklace. 
— Michael Lohan on the allegations that his daughter Lindsay Lohan stole a necklace / February 03, 2011
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 The only problem is when you are in the public eye like we are, the entire relationship is under scrutiny so it’s hard. It’s harder for her, 
— Michael Lohan saying it's hard for him to have a good relationship with his daughter Lindsay Lohan / November 11, 2010
 I know for a fact she’s focusing on herself. I see it more now than ever. I think her problems are just this business in general. They care more about themselves than the people around. People in this business can be very selfish. This is not about Lindsay because she’s a very unselfish person. As a matter of fact she’s a very giving person. But some other people don’t care what level they take someone down to. She’s at the top. When you are at the top they want to bring them down. 
— Michael Lohan saying Lindsay Lohan is doing much better now / November 11, 2010
 I think divorce had a lot to do with it. It’s a very horrible thing but it happens at times. 
— Michael Lohan thinks divorce is also a reason for him not to have a good relationship with daughter Lindsay / November 11, 2010
 Baffled, I guess is the best way to describe it. I just don't understand why Lindsay's team aren't taking measures to get her into a rehab. I understand that she wants to appeal her case, but the right way to do it is for her to actually show ... or that she has incentive and she's taking the right steps to get her into rehab before she's supposed to go into jail. 
— Michael Lohan when asked about the 90 day jail for Lindsay Lohan / July 09, 2010

 I think if she does this and files an appeal, maybe the judge will reverse this and say, 'OK, go to the rehab first. And if you complete it and do it the right way and get off everything you're on, then maybe there won't be any jail.' 
— Michael Lohan thinks that Lindsay Lohan should go to rehab before jail to lighten her sentence / July 09, 2010