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Michael Buble Quotes

Canadian singer and actor, Winner of two Grammy awards and multiple Juno awards


Michael Steven Buble is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actor. He has won several awards, including two Grammy Awards and multiple Juno Awards. His first album reached the top ten in the UK and Canada. He found worldwide commercial success with his 2005 album It's Time, and his 2007 album Call Me Irresponsible was an even bigger success, reaching number one on the Canadian Albums Chart, the U.S. Billboard 200 chart, the Australian ARIA Albums Chart and the European charts. Buble has sold more than 18 million albums worldwide.

Michael Buble Info

Birth nameMichael Steven Bublé
Date of BirthSeptember 9, 1975
Place of BirthBurnaby, British Columbia, Canada
OccupationsSinger, songwriter, actor
GenresBig band, traditional pop, jazz
InstrumentsVocals, piano[2]
Years active1996–present
Associated actsNaturally 7, Jann Arden, Laura Pausini, Boyz II Men, Chris Botti, Leon Jackson
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 I don’t like watching it. I often ask her, ‘Would it be okay if I kiss women every week?’ But she says, ‘It’s not the same — I am working.’ It’s just something I have to get used to. 
— Michael Buble hates watching his fiancee Luisana Lopilat film love scenes / February 04, 2011
 They don’t approach me and I don’t think I’m sexy. If there is anything sexy about me maybe it’s that I’m a goof and I don’t take myself seriously. Isn’t that kind of sexy? If you just take the p**s out of yourself a bit. I don’t think sexy is, ‘Hi, nice to meet you.’ I sing beautiful songs and I mean what I say. 
— Michael Buble doesn't think he is sexy / January 08, 2011
 I learned a lot and from now on my private life remains that. I’m not saying you have to be rude about it when people ask, but I just decline to speak about my love life, 
— Michael Buble saying his breakup with ex-girlfriend Emily Blunt taught him to be careful about discussing his love life / January 08, 2011
 Once I had a girl come up to me and she was 17 or 18, and she looked me right in the eye and said, ‘I was wondering if your p*nis gives lessons?’ I looked at her and said, ‘Pardon me?’ I was speechless. I remember saying to my publicist, ‘This girl just asked if my p*nis gives lessons’ and the young girl got very angry with me. She said, ‘Not your p*nis, your pianist.’ Talk about your ego getting in the way and letting you hear things you want to hear. 
— Michael Buble about Ego / January 04, 2011
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 I did a show in Virginia and he put wire in his hands and said I had stolen music from black people and tried to pop my head off. I went into the audience and he swung at me — I saw the fist and moved and pushed his face back. The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) came to pick him up and he kicked the window out of the back of the car to get out to get me again. He wanted me dead. 
— Michael Buble / January 04, 2011

 We were naive, I think. We were both excited about the relationship, and we talked openly about it, and I think we both learned that when you give away even little things, they’re not yours anymore. So I’ve learned just to keep my private life private. 
— Michael Buble saying he and former flame Emily Blunt were naive to discuss their relationship so openly. / March 27, 2010
 I can't party on tour any more, I think it's part of getting older — you know your limits. I stay sober as I want to put on the best show. It's bigger now, so I need to be sharp. 
— Michael Buble refuses to booze when he is on tour / March 21, 2010
 You'd think she killed someone... Okay, she lip-synchs her show, people know that, they make the decision if they want to go and see her do that. 
— Michael Buble to Australian critics who slammed Britney Spears for lip-syncing in a concert / November 18, 2009
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