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Megan Fox Quotes

American film actress, Model


Megan Denise Fox started off her career in Holiday In the Sun starring opposite Ashley Olsen. She has later starred in various television series, including What I Like About You and Two and a Half Men. She is currently dating American actor Brian Austin Green.

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 I haven't gone completely insane, but it might happen soon. 
— Megan Fox on her mental state / June 2009
 I think that I'm so psychotic and so mentally ill that if I could tap into that I could do something really interesting. 
— Megan Fox on her mental state / June 2009
 I need to behave in a way that will cause people to take me seriously. 
— Megan Fox / June 2009
 I don't understand why people don't have a f**ing sense of humor. Always assume that I'm being sarcastic. 
— Megan Fox / June 2009
 When you think about it, we actors are kind of prostitutes. 
— Megan Fox / May 31, 2009

 We get paid to feign attraction and love. Other people are paying to watch us kissing someone, touching someone, doing things people in a normal monogamous relationship would never do with anyone who's not their partner. It's really kind of gross 
— Megan Fox / May 31, 2009
 I have this sort of promiscuous image. People assume I'm really overtly sexually aggressive and that I'm this wild child. And I'm not like that at all. 
— Megan Fox on her relationship with a Russian stripper / May 31, 2009
 She's a powerful human being, she could eat me alive 
— Megan Fox quoting to The Sun on Jolie after the former is named world's sexiest woman in a new poll / May 2009
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 It's a really dark comedy with a lot of secret messages lying underneath the script 
— Megan Fox speaking about Jennifer's Body / May 2009
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 So it's me eating them and having this bizarre pseudo-lesbian relationship with my best friend. It's all very manipulative and is basically how frightening young girls can be - they're completely terrifying. 
— Megan Fox speaking about her role in Jennifer's Body / May 2009