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Max Baucus Quotes

Senior U.S. Senator from Montana


Max Sieben Baucus is the senior U.S. Senator from Montana. Baucus is a member of the Democratic Party. He is the current chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Finance and is influential in the debate over health care reform in the United States. Baucus served in the Montana state legislature in the early 1970s before being elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1974. He became one of Montana's United States senators in 1978 and is the sixth longest-serving as of 2009.

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 Health care and health insurance affect and are distributed through interstate commerce, Claims payments flow through interstate commerce. That gives Congress the power to legislate a coverage requirement using its commerce powers. 
— Max Baucus saying Congress had authority to impose a health insurance mandate under its constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce and to tax and spend for the general welfare / December 23, 2009
 The finish line is in sight, We're not the first to attempt such reforms but we will be the first to succeed. 
— Max Baucus on the health care bill / December 22, 2009