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Matthew Hayden Quotes

Chennai Super Kings cricketer, Former Australian Cricketer


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 When I first saw Nick, I think he was about three years old. Now, he's like the Australian Freddie Flintoff 
— Matthew Hayden comparing Nick Buchanan to Australian Freddie Flintoff / October 06, 2011
 I love the Chennai Super Kings and being in Chennai and I still believe we have a good chance to make the semi-finals but as you know we have to start winning and keep winning, 
— Matthew Hayden thinks Chennai Super Kings has a chance of making it to the semis in 2010 IPL / March 30, 2010
 Unfortunately we have had a few results which could have easily gone the other way and which would have made a great difference to our season, however I do not like to look backwards and I'm now looking forward with a very positive mind and with a very determined team to deliver the results that we know that we can achieve. 
— Matthew Hayden thinks Chennai Super Kings has a chance of making it to the semis in 2010 IPL / March 30, 2010
 I think we have been trying to establish in the first half of this tournament what our best side is, it has changed a number of times, with mixed results. This game, coming tomorrow night, is the opportunity to have that decision to find our balance and play the cricket that our talent is capable of, 
— Matthew Hayden / March 30, 2010
 I actually first started toying with the idea before the last World Cup, when I started hitting balls at practice sessions with a baseball bat and was surprised at how well I was hitting them and how far the ball would travel. It gave me great leverage as you would have seen already and there is no question it gives you extra power when you are in an attacking position and wanting to dominate the bowlers, 
— Matthew Hayden on the idea of playing with the Mongoose bat / March 30, 2010

 Yeah, I think he is a particularly over-rated bowler. And so he was a great target for us to go at. He always loses his cool under pressure and I think it was a good example of that (in the match) 
— Matthew Hayden on Sreesanth / May 08, 2009
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 You don't want to know. It's just so meaningless... I am a Test veteran and an ODI veteran, I have got nothing to answer to him and that's for certain 
— Matthew Hayden when asked what words Sreesanth had hurled at him / May 08, 2009
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 I'm just glad to have some time out for water surfing 
— Matthew Hayden on taking a break from the match against Kolkata Knight Riders
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 I have seen God. He bats at No. 4 for India. 
— Matthew Hayden about Sachin Tendulkar
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