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Matt LeBlanc Quotes

American Actor, known for his role in Friends


Matthew Steven "Matt" LeBlanc is an American actor, best known for his role as Joey Tribbiani, whom he played for ten years in the NBC sitcoms Friends and Joey.

Matt LeBlanc Info

Birth nameMatthew Steven LeBlanc
Date of BirthJuly 25, 1967
Place of BirthNewton, Massachusetts, U.S.
OccupationsActor, television producer
Spouse (s)Melissa McKnight (2003-2006)
Years active1988–present
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 This is fourth nomination and first win. It’s great, I can’t say enough about the writing. I mean, it’s really David Crain and Jeffrey Klaric. The writers on that show are just so brilliantly gifted. 
— Matt LeBlanc winning his first Golden Globe award for his role in "Episodes" / January 16, 2012
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 It was probably not related to anything manly at all! It was during Friends; I think it was called 'The One Where No-One's Ready', where Ross had this big thing and we all had to get ready. Chandler and I were fighting over a chair and I had to jump over the coffee table and land on this big down chair - the safest stunt you have ever heard of in your life! 
— Matt LeBlanc when asked by Jay Leno on the worst injury he'd ever received / February 10, 2011
 I'm not Joey. Don't you dare call me Joey. The papers say I'm finished so don't you call me f**king Joey. I want to leave that all behind. I'm moving on... I'm not Joey. For the last time. I'm not f**king Joey. It's Matt. Matt LeBlanc. Joey's in the past. I'm trying to do something new. 
— Matt LeBlanc is tired of fans and reporters calling him Joey / September 23, 2010