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Mark Webber Quotes

Formula One driver from Australia


Mark Alan Webber is a Formula one race car driver. He became the first Australian to win a race at the 2009 German Grand Prix since Alan Jones in 1981. Mark Webber made his Formula One racing debut in 2002. He currently races for Red Bull Racing team. Webber currently lives in England with his girlfriend Ann Neal.

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 We know these days, with the strategy, and the way the race unfolds, the first part of a race is crucial. I got a little bit of wheelspin and on the run to the first corner, Seb had a big tow. I didn't really know where Nico was either, I didn't know whether to go middle or left, so I braked late, I had a bit of a better exit and the fight continued up to Turn Four. We had a chat with Christian Horner at the start and he said 'behave yourselves' - so we did. The spirit and chemistry in our team is awesome. It was a good fight today but he deserved the victory. First and second is sensational 
— Mark Webber after Red Bull-Renault won the first and second positions at the 2010 Malaysian Grand Prix / April 04, 2010