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English guitarist, music producer, artist and co-founder of Allido Records


Mark Daniel Ronson is an English guitarist, music producer, artist and co-founder of Allido Records. While his debut album Here Comes the Fuzz (featuring collaborations with Sean Paul, Nate Dogg and Ghostface Killah) failed to make an impact on the charts, his second album, Version (with covers of songs by bands such as Radiohead, Maxïmo Park, The Smiths, The Zutons and Kaiser Chiefs) included three top ten hits and won Ronson a BRIT Award for Best Male Artist 2008.

Mark Ronson Info

Birth nameMark Daniel Ronson
Date of BirthSeptember 4, 1975
Place of BirthNotting Hill, London, United Kingdom
OccupationsMusician, DJ, producer
Years active1993 – present
LabelsAllido, Columbia Sony Music, Roc Nation
OriginLondon, New York City
Associated actsAmy Winehouse, Daniel Merriweather, Ellie Goulding, Jordan Galland, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, Wale, Ghostface Killah, Q-Tip, MNDR, Nate Dogg, Wiley, Spank Rock, Rose Elinor Dougall
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 She was my musical soulmate and like a sister to me. This is one of the saddest days of my life. 
— Mark Ronson in a statement after the death of Amy Winehouse / July 23, 2011
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 All kids love Michael Jackson, he had some sort of effect. I would watch footage of him when I was older and you’d see these kids of 12 and 13 who weren’t even born the last time he put out a good album but they’d be screaming and fainting. It’s just so crazy that in some ways he was like this magical Pied Piper. 
— Mark Ronson recalling the days he had sleepover at Michael Jackson's / October 08, 2010
 He was just like a big kid, He just seemed like a kid that never really got to grow up. 
— Mark Ronson said of Pop King Michael Jackson / October 08, 2010
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 If I bragged about it I knew that one of two things would happen: a) the kids would think that I was full of s**t or b) they would think I was obnoxious and I’d get a slap for it. All in all, it was better to say nothing. 
— Mark Ronson was worried that he would get beaten up by other kids at school if he had bragged about his sleepover at Michael Jackson's / October 08, 2010
 I know what she looks like, and I know everyone wants to work with her. So maybe if I heard her stuff first, yeah I'd work with her. 
— Mark Ronson wants to work the Cheryl Cole / March 18, 2010

 It was very weird to be on the other side of the glass, It gave me a lot more respect for all the singers I've ever worked with. 
— Mark Ronson saying that he took lessons from Lady GaGa's voice coach for his upcoming album / February 27, 2010
 We were working in the studio and I started singing and she said 'take some lessons'. I started going last July and then I just went every week. Alex Greenwald, who sang Just on my last album, recorded all my vocals. He's the one person I could trust and not feel like an idiot. 
— Mark Ronson saying Lady Gaga suggested him to take lessons from Don Lawrence / February 27, 2010
 I think it's the best thing I've ever done. Back to Black was a seminal album and it's something I'm very proud of, but I think you grow with every record. 
— Mark Ronson on Back to Black album / February 27, 2010