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Marco Branca Quotes

Former Italian Football striker, Current head of the technical staff of Serie A club Internazionale


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 We still have matches to play, starting from Wednesday evening, and we will put all our energies to win. Our aim is to maintain our position in the league, and win all the other trophies. 
— Marco Branca / May 02, 2010
 To be in the running for all three trophies is a wonderful situation. We need to be relaxed and not overwhelmed with emotion, as it is not needed. The players were somewhat fatigued against the Biancocelesti, and there were some nervous moments heading into the final few minutes. But the players were good enough to keep at it. 
— Marco Branca / May 02, 2010
 The team is doing well, also, because of Jose Mourinho. He has the experience, and knows what to do during this time of the season. When the results are going your way, there is also a lot of enthusiasm. As for his departure? The rumours were floating around last season. He is happy, and will stay with us. It is absolutely unthinkable a future without Mourinho, 
— Marco Branca saying team coach Jose Mourinho won't leave Inter Milan / May 02, 2010