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Manmohan Singh Quotes

14th and current Prime Minister of India


Manmohan Singh is the first Indian Prime Minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to return to power after completing a full five-year term. Earlier, during his tenure as the Finance Minister from 1991 to 1996, Singh was widely credited for carrying out economic reforms in India in 1991 which resulted in the end of the infamous Licence Raj system.

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 We would ensure economic growth momentum but at the same time fiscal prudence will be kept in mind 
— Manmohan Singh / May 28, 2009
 Our first priority is to restore the economy, especially keeping the global recession (in mind) 
— Manmohan Singh saying his first priority would be to restore the economy / May 22, 2009
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 Industrial production is down. Certain sectors need revival, though the Indian economy is not so badly affected. Corrected measures have to be taken. Growth will be our main focus. And when I mean growth, I mean inclusive growth that will carry everyone along, including the underprivileged in the country 
— Manmohan Singh saying growth will be the government's main focus / May 22, 2009
 They are honourable colleagues. 
— Manmohan Singh making it clear that there was no controversy over the names of Baalu and Raja for ministerial positions / May 22, 2009
 So far he has not agreed but I have not given up hope. 
— Manmohan Singh on Rahul Gandhi / May 22, 2009
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 Expect a more efficient, inclusive government 
— Manmohan Singh to the newly elected MPs after being elected as CPP Leader / May 19, 2009
 It is my wish to have Rahul in Cabinet but I have to persuade him to be in the government 
— Manmohan Singh hinting about possible inclusion of Rahul Gandhi in the cabinet / May 16, 2009
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 The victory is a reward for good work, I Thank people for reposing faith in us...people of India have voted with clarity. 
— Manmohan Singh after UPA victory in 2009 Indian Elections / May 16, 2009
 I invite all parties to support the secular goverment. We should stand together. We have an obligation to the people of India to provide a stable and secular government.... I urge all the political parties to forget their past disputes and help the formation of a secular government. We should stand one as a nation 
— Manmohan Singh after a meeting with the Congress chief at her residence 10 Janpath / May 16, 2009
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 The people of India have spoken, and have spoken with great clarity. 
— Manmohan Singh on the verdict of 2009 Indian elections / May 16, 2009