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Manmohan Singh Quotes

14th and current Prime Minister of India


Manmohan Singh is the first Indian Prime Minister since Jawaharlal Nehru to return to power after completing a full five-year term. Earlier, during his tenure as the Finance Minister from 1991 to 1996, Singh was widely credited for carrying out economic reforms in India in 1991 which resulted in the end of the infamous Licence Raj system.

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 If we manage our economy well, if we manage creation of social infrastructure well, there is no barrier to India's entry in the age of double digit growth. 
— Manmohan Singh on the Government's economic policies / March 05, 2010
 Government has been worried by the behaviour of food prices in last one year; we have taken steps and are ready to take any practical measure that gives relief to people. On the prices of sugar have been rising due to three-year crop cycle; we will explore ways and means to check sugar prices. 
— Manmohan Singh on the rising food prices / March 05, 2010
 I join all members in conveying our heartfelt condolences to the families of deceased and wish speedy recovery to all those who have suffered injuries, 
— Manmohan Singh expressing condolences to the families of the people who died in the stampede in Uttar Pradesh / March 05, 2010
 If there is a failure of economic policy, it is with regard to sugar... we have not been able to find a practical and pragmatic way to deal with the cyclical behaviour of sugarcane production, 
— Manmohan Singh admitting failure on the sugar front / March 05, 2010
 You are using this debate to sow seeds... What you are attributing to President Obama is certainly not true. In my discussions with President Obama, he has unambiguously said that there is no change in the U.S. policy towards India and Pakistan (relations), 
— Manmohan Singh reacting to LK Advani's claims that US pressure is behind India's decision to talk to Pakistan / March 03, 2010
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 Let me ask you one question. How many times did Jaswant Singh hold talks with Strobe Talbott? Was Parliament kept informed about the over dozen meetings? Why then are you expecting me to answer hypothetical questions, 
— Manmohan Singh reacting to LK Advani's claims that US pressure is behind India's decision to talk to Pakistan / March 03, 2010
 We seek cooperative relations with Pakistan. Our objective is a permanent peace because we recognise that we are bound together by a shared future. If there is cooperation between India and Pakistan, vast opportunities will open up for trade, travel and development that will create prosperity in both countries and in South Asia as a whole, 
— Manmohan Singh / March 01, 2010
 If Pakistan cooperates with India, there is no problem that we cannot solve and we can walk the extra mile to open a new chapter in relations between our two countries, 
— Manmohan Singh / March 01, 2010
 Like Saudi Arabia, India too recognises the importance of education in social empowerment, as part of that 30 new Central Universities will be coming up in India, 
— Manmohan Singh / March 01, 2010
 Any increase in prices does hurt some people, but we have to take a long-term view, 
— Manmohan Singh ruling out rollback in the hike of fuel price / March 01, 2010