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Manchester City F.C. Info

Full NameManchester City Football Club
Other Names / Nick NamesThe Citizens, The Blues, City
Founded1880 (as St Mark's (West Gorton))
GroundCity of Manchester Stadium, Manchester, England (Capacity: 47,726[1])
ChairmanKhaldoon Al Mubarak
ManagerRoberto Mancini
LeaguePremier League
OwnerSheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan
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 It could be normal that we have more pressure maybe than United because United have stayed at the top for 20 years. For them, it is easy. For us, it is the first time. We were only top for seven months." 
— Roberto Mancini saying Manchester City is under more pressure than United / March 24, 2012
 I have made a lot of progress. But I still have a lot more to show and bring to this club. I am definitely looking forward to the future and looking long term. 
— Vincent Kompany is looking for a long term stint with Manchester City / May 04, 2011
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 It is more than local pride now, we are both going for trophies and we are both main rivals for trophies. Years ago, they were in the bottom half of the league, or not even in it, and we were always red-hot favourites. Even then it didn't necessarily mean we were going to win, as results proved. And they have better quality players now, which just makes matches against City even more interesting. 
— Paul Scholes about Manchester City FC / February 12, 2011
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 They are definitely getting closer, whether they are alongside Chelsea and Arsenal yet I am not sure. They would probably have to win something to become main rivals. But I am sure this year they will be fighting for it and the same will be true in years to come with more improvement. 
— Paul Scholes doesn't consider Manchester City as their rivals to win the Premier League / February 12, 2011
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 I was disappointed at the time when he went and I still feel sad about it. We combined well on the field and he was a good team-mate in the dressing room as well. I had a conversation with Carlo Ancelotti. We had a chat, but there was never any concrete offer. I only ever talk about proper, written offers that arrive with clubs, and that was the case with City. We’ve still got a bit of growing to do as a team. If you look at those around us: United, Chelsea, Tottenham, they have had time together and time to develop and build a team. We’ve still got players settling in, a lot of new faces and players having to adapt to the English game. We’ve got the players, and we’ve got the quality. It’s just a case of building a team now. 
— Carlos Tevez admitting that he is upset at the way Craig Bellamy has left the club / September 25, 2010
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 Myself and the manager had a chat at the end of the season. We cleared the air and now everything is nice between us. We didn’t have to thrash out anything in particular. It was just a case of two guys sitting down and having a chat. We were open and honest and that sorted it. But when I spoke about the training [in April], I still think, at the time, I was right to say that. This year, the games are so regular that there isn’t time for that issue of double session training to arise. But I still stand by what I said. 
— Carlos Tevez on the clash with manager Roberto Mancini / September 25, 2010
 But I am thriving on the responsibility, both on and off the field. If the lads are a bit down then it’s up to me to make sure they are in the right frame of mind. If things are not going well on the field then it’s up to me to lead by example. Sometimes in a game – even with the best will in the world – a striker can drift out for 10 minutes and then come back in to it. Now that I am captain, I can’t afford to do that. You have to be 100 per cent concentrated all the time. 
— Carlos Tevez is surprised to be handed over the captaincy of Manchester City / September 25, 2010
 It did surprise me to be made captain. The obvious issue is my English. It’s not that great, so communicating with players is not always easy. 
— Carlos Tevez is surprised to be handed over the captaincy of Manchester City / September 25, 2010