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 We announce today, with inexpressible sadness and heavy hearts, that our incomparable leader and supreme commander of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) attained martyrdom fighting the military oppression of the Sri Lankan government on May 17 
— in a statement admitting the death of Prabhakaran / May 25, 2009
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 Our IDP camps are the best in the world. These people who are in the camps were hostages of the LTTE for the past several years. 
— Anura Yapa on their IDP camps / May 22, 2009
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 Since then the security force, including the Army, Navy, the Air force, police and the civil defence force have lost 6,261 soldiers killed and 29,551 wounded, 
— Mahinda Rajapaksa saying Sri Lanka has lost more than 6000 soldiers in the final phase of war against LTTE / May 22, 2009
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 The problem in Sri Lanka was triggered only because the Tamils of the island were relegated, post-independence, to the status of secondary citizens in their own homeland. Decimation of the LTTE or the killing of its leaders will not wipe away the injustice meted out to this large community which had its roots in Sri Lanka 
— J Jayalalithaa urging the Sri Lankan government to give equal status to Tamils / May 21, 2009
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 I feel very sad for the people of the north. They are Tamil people and [the Tamil Tigers] did very bad things to them. When civilians tried to escape, including children, they were shot 
— Colonel Karuna admitting that civilians were killed in the war against LTTE / May 21, 2009
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 The defeat of the LTTE... will never be the defeat of the Tamil people of this country 
— Mahinda Rajapaksa / May 19, 2009
 We have cleared the whole country of the LTTE. All the LTTE cadres have been killed. In the last battle at least 200 cadres were killed. The whole of Sri Lanka is now under the government. The LTTE has no control 
— Sarath Fonseka on the war against LTTE / May 18, 2009
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 We have been fighting the LTTE non-stop from August 2006. Now the country is under one flag. We accomplished the mission 
— Sarath Fonseka on the war against LTTE / May 18, 2009
 We intercepted transmission from LTTE communication system that he had got into an ambulance with two other leaders. Soon afterward, we spotted the ambulance and attacked. It was burnt. We recovered three bodies 
— Sarath Fonseka on Prabhakaran getting into an ambulance to escape / May 18, 2009