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Lleyton Hewitt Quotes

Australian tennis player


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 I don't know how much I'll play this year, I have the family to look after as well. My priorities are the Davis Cup, I'll choose my events around the ties. 
— Lleyton Hewitt After winning at Kooyong / January 2013
 I hope Mirka's a good wife (smiling). 
— Lleyton Hewitt believes 'behind every great man there's a great woman'. / June 25, 2009
 Roger's going to be the one to beat. 
— Lleyton Hewitt on Roger the man to beat in 2009 Wimbledon / June 2009
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 Roger is doing all right for our generation. We'll just hang on to him at the moment 
— Lleyton Hewitt on Roger Federer the only player in the top 4 to be above 22 years / May 30, 2009