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LK Advani Quotes

Chairman of the BJP parliamentary party, India


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 The government seems hell-bent on going ahead with the nuclear deal. This is simply unacceptable. Everybody knows the government has no mandate in parliament to operationalise (the) deal, 
— LK Advani on the Nuclear deal / May 19, 2009
 If there are ten people in a railway compartment, there's a tendency to see that there's no 11th entrant. In a political party, this mindset can only lead to stagnation 
— LK Advani / May 16, 2009
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 The country has been suffering from a negative, defeatist attitude which has to change. In the Mahabharata, Karna lost as he was told he could not win. Similarly, when we started the National Quadrilateral project people said it would not succeed.... 
— LK Advani / May 15, 2009
 Anyone who comes to politics must have a motivation, which goes far beyond any personnel agenda. It has to be idealistic 
— LK Advani / May 15, 2009
 the Internet is the most democratic of all the communication platforms invented 
— LK Advani on Internet / May 14, 2009

 I can say through my experience that even though the 20th century belonged to America, England or Russia, our country and our people have enough capability. And I am sure that the present 21st century will belong to India 
— LK Advani / May 11, 2009
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 Prime Minister himself has said that the black money stashed in foreign banks will be brought back in the first 100 days. I believe this is your victory before polls 
— LK Advani / May 10, 2009
 What can I say? I am surprised that such a public statement has come. The Constitution does not give right to any central government to dismiss a democratically elected State government. It has a certain dignity. 
— LK Advani surprised at Mulayam Singh's comments that he would support anybody who dismisses the Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh / May 08, 2009
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 I can say that as of now, the BJP will emerge the single largest party and will be much ahead of the Congress 
— LK Advani saying BJP will form the government at Centre / May 08, 2009
 I don't say anything else to the people except that this is the best time to judge the performances of the two governments and then decide 
— LK Advani during election campaign in West Delhi / May 2009