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LK Advani Quotes

Chairman of the BJP parliamentary party, India


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 The country came to know about qualities of Narendra Modi after he became the chief minister of Gujarat. But I am one of those who has observed his working for years and have been familiar with his dedication towards his task 
— LK Advani about the leadership qualities of Narendra Modi / May 01, 2010
 Based on what I have been seeing since yesterday, I told somebody, that I have been impressed with Narendrabhai's two qualities since many years -- imagination and innovation. And whatever he plans using these qualities, he also executes it well, 
— LK Advani about the leadership qualities of Narendra Modi / May 01, 2010
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 Modi has not thought of this programme as a government function. He has emphasised the rationale behind function would be fulfilled if it is celebrated both by the government and people. 
— LK Advani congratulating Narendra Modi for organising the Golden Jubilee celebrations / May 01, 2010
 What is really required in this context is to set up a Parliamentary committee on the lines of the Birkett committee in Britain to examine all aspects of the problem, scrap the outdated Indian Telephone Act of 1885 and replace it by a new legislation which forbids invasion of an ordinary citizens’ privacy..., 
— LK Advani on the phone tapping issue / April 25, 2010
 This reminds me of an interesting encounter I had 25 years back. In 1985, one morning a stranger arrived at my house carrying a brief case full of papers. This brief case, he told me, contained ‘dynamite’ which could blow up this Government. He opened his brief case and out poured some 200 sheets of closely typed records of telephonic conversations of many VIPS, 
— LK Advani recalling an incident / April 25, 2010

 In 1996 when Shri Deve Gowda was the Prime Minister, a high level Congress delegation led by former Home Minister S B Chavan complained to him that the telephone of Shri P. V. Narasimha Rao and several other senior Congress leaders were being tapped by the U. P. Government. The Prime Minister told these Congressmen that their complaint was without substance. Notwithstanding this denial, Shri Deve Gowda himself later announced that the CBI have been asked to inquire into the matter. 
— LK Advani recalling a phone tapping incident / April 25, 2010
 There is no political party in India which has set up such a strong base in so few years. 
— LK Advani after stepping down as the leader of the opposition / December 18, 2009
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 If they think that I will quit politics, then it is all wrong. I think that I became a rath yatri at 14 years, when I was just out of high school and became a Swayamsevak. This rath yatra would go on for life. 
— LK Advani / December 18, 2009