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Lily Allen Quotes



Lily Rose Beatrice Allen is an English pop music singer and songwriter. Lily Allen is known for her songs "Smile", "LDN", her cover of "Oh My God" by British act The Kaiser Chiefs, "The Fear".Post your comment about Lily Allen

 Sometimes it helps. It's good to get out of your comfort zone and test yourself. I'm just going to see how it goes for a bit. I haven't set a time limit or anything 
— Lily Allen / May 2009
 I've actually broken up with boyfriends for inspiration. When I hit a period of not being able to write music, I get up and I walk away. It's pretty mean - but it's true 
— Lily Allen / May 2009
 I know lots of people that take cocaine three nights a week and get up and go to work every day, no problem. But we never hear that side of the story 
— Lily Allen / January 07, 2009
 When I'm in New York my boyfriend buys me sneakers and vice versa 
— Lily Allen
 Cheryl [Cole], if you're reading this, I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write my own songs. 
— Lily Allen on her My Space blog

 I must say that taking your clothes off, doing sexy dancing and marrying a rich footballer must be very gratifying, your mother must be so proud, stupid b*tch 
— Lily Allen to Cheryl Cole after she allegedly branded Lily as a 'chick with a d*ck'
 I've been working hard in the studio. I postd a couple of new songs to get an idea of my new direction, they are just at a demo stage so don't be too hard on them. 
— Lily Allen
 Since you've gone I've lost my chip on my shoulder. Since you've gone I feel like I've gotten older. 
— Lily Allen
 I sometimes feel like my life is a bit empty - as ridiculous as that sounds to some people, a bit vacuous. 
— Lily Allen
 I have had a couple of times when I've got to know someone over a few weeks and we've had a really great time at my London apartment, just watching TV and having sex. And then I get paranoid because I get like, 'I don't want to leave the house with you because I don't want us to be photographed together and for us to suddenly have to justify our relationship, when we don't know what it is yet. 
— Lily Allen claiming fame is ruining her sex life