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Li Na Quotes

Chinese Tennis Player


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 So exciting. Maybe I take the beer tonight. 
— Li Na on breaking into the top 10 of WTA Rankings / January 29, 2010
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 Just want to see different. Yeah. You should try, too. 
— Li Na on coloring her hair / January 29, 2010
 So many people ask me about my tattoo. It's a rose with a heart. I've had it eight years now. Before, I always wore tape, I didn't want to show the tattoo. In China, if they see people have a tattoo, they only think maybe she's not so good a person. 
— Li Na on her tattoo / June 24, 2009
 Also, my husband, he doesn't like it. I said I have a tattoo and he said no, don't make a joke. For one day, he didn't talk to me. 
— Li Na on her tattoo / June 24, 2009