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Leona Lewis Quotes

English pop and R&B singer–songwriter


Leona Louise Lewis rose to fame in 2006 as the winner of the third series of the British television series The X Factor.

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 I'm really, really excited about it. I'm working with some new producers, some up and coming people and it's going to be kind of a different sound - but still classic. 
— Leona Lewis about her third album / February 17, 2011
 I was obsessed for a while, 
— Leona Lewis had a huge crush on Taylor Lautner / April 28, 2010
 I’m very fiery and very passionate. Simon and I don’t argue, we debate. 
— Leona Lewis on her relationship with Simon Cowell / April 28, 2010
 Like anyone who has to travel for their work, I get homesick sometimes. So I travel with my PG Tips and baked beans. 
— Leona Lewis / April 24, 2010
 I don't really call myself a pop star. But, yeah, I enjoy doing my music, being able to travel and do my shows. I'd call myself an entertainer. 
— Leona Lewis / February 27, 2010

 Just to try to make the best music you can. You've got to make great music and work hard. You can't fake it over there. You have to be genuinely good and go for it. 
— Leona Lewis when asked to give advice on how to make it big in music industry in the US / February 27, 2010
 He didn't come to the studio but I'd play him songs down the phone... It's scary and you think, 'Please like it!'. We've formed more of a bond and we can be honest with each other. 
— Leona Lewis is scared of Simon Cowell / February 26, 2010
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 I have a relationship with the McCartneys, I respect their values and their opinions about vegetarianism because I'm a vegetarian. They're really cool people. 
— Leona Lewis is friends with Sir Paul McCartney and his family / February 26, 2010
 I was star-struck when I met Samuel L Jackson and Daniel Day-Lewis at the Golden Globes... I was excited when I met Nelson Mandela, too. I performed at his birthday in 2008. I was really honored. 
— Leona Lewis / February 26, 2010