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LeAnn Rimes Quotes

American country music and pop singer, songwriter, and actress


Margaret LeAnn Rimes performs under the stage name LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes Info

Birth nameMargaret LeAnn Rimes
Date of BirthAugust 28, 1982
OccupationsSinger-songwriter, actress, Author
GenresCountry pop, Country
Years active1994 - present
OriginJackson, Mississippi, United States
Associated actsBon Jovi, Elton John, Ronan Keating, Brian McFadden, Marc Broussard
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 Society will always call me a stepmom... but in our house, in our family, we remove the 'step.' We really are all... simply family 
— LeAnn Rimes doesn't consider herself as a stepmom / September 28, 2011
 RIP Amy Winehouse. So sad to see such a talent gone and her life end in tragedy. This makes me terribly sad. 
— LeAnn Rimes in a twitter tweet after the death of Amy Winehouse / July 23, 2011
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 We are all made with the design for our bodies to change in many different ways as our lives unfold. Our bodies change in various ways with exercise, healthy eating, poor eating habits, having children, and difficult life changes. Some people have higher metabolisms, lower metabolisms, some build muscle faster. There are so many variations and things to consider when you look at a person's body. There's a whole history and story behind who they are. 
— LeAnn Rimes on losing weight / June 17, 2011
 For someone like me who is healthy, who works hard for my body, it's very frustrating. I work out and take care of myself, and not in an over-obsessive way. People are calling me bulimic or anorexic and these are real issues and diseases - that I don't have. 
— LeAnn Rimes worked real hard for her body / June 08, 2011
 It is absolutely necessary, there is research that shows that kids involved in music do so much better with all school work – math, science, English, as well as with their overall creativity and focus. I’ve been doing this since I was five years old and (music funding) needs to be back in schools. It comes from the heart and kids need that. 
— LeAnn Rimes is concerned about lack of music funding in public schools / February 21, 2011

 The funny thing is that all I’ve added into my routine is a dance class, like twice a week. I love dancing. And I kick-box like, all the time. I love boxing. It’s my thing. That burns some serious calories! 
— LeAnn Rimes on how she maintains her figure / February 13, 2011
 I’m not like, a diet person. I eat what I want, drink what I want, no big deal. I just am active. 
— LeAnn Rimes on how she maintains her figure / February 13, 2011
 They’ve asked three times and I just haven’t been able to do it because it really is a huge commitment. They asked again this year. 
— LeAnn Rimes about the offers from Dancing with the Stars show / February 13, 2011
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 I actually told Benji, ‘I would only do it with you. We’d have to do it together,’ So, we’ve talked about it, it just hasn’t happened. Maybe one day. 
— LeAnn Rimes would partner good friend Benji Schwimmer if she would appear on Dancing with the Stars show / February 13, 2011
 Valentine’s Day is Eddie and me and his kids, so I don’t know what we’re going to do. We’re going to all hang and have a good time. 
— LeAnn Rimes about her plans for Valentine's Day / February 13, 2011
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