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 I'd really like to congratulate the ATP for doing such a great job supporting the Great Ormond Street Hospital charity. For us athletes it's a very, very important stage, not just to entertain you, not just to motivate the young children, but to really do good work in our community and give back to our community. 
— Leander Paes in a fund raising event before the ATP World Tour Finals / November 03, 2012
 As a humble Indian, I sit here in front of you, asking all of you out there to do your bit. To come together as a nation, as in India, and make a difference in the world where we have been on the receiving end of the world's grace, whether it has been our Tsunami or other such disasters, where the world has come together and supported India. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to reach out to the Haitians, geographically quite a way away from us but as people, not very different, 
— Leander Paes urging Indian people to help Haiti victims and contribute generously / March 10, 2010
 I would love to win five or six more Grand Slams. I would love to take part in my sixth Olympics 
— Leander Paes wants to win more Grand Slam titles / February 03, 2010
 It is very unfortunate the way things have been going on in India and Australia. I have had long relations with Australians. Tony Roche coached me for three-and-a-half years in Sydney, where I lived with his family. 
— Leander Paes / February 03, 2010
 Bob Carmichael, one of the greatest coaches in my life, taught me how to play the game of doubles. I lived with him in Melbourne. I can speak for myself that I have had some amazing interactions with them, 
— Leander Paes / February 03, 2010

 Whether it is tennis or cricket, people of Australia and India have shared a great professional relationship. I believe that sports should be one of those vehicles to bridge good ties between countries. 
— Leander Paes / February 03, 2010