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Laura Linney Quotes

American actress


Laura Leggett Linney won three Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. She has been nominated for the Academy Award three times and once for the BAFTA Award. She will star in the upcoming Showtime original series, The Big C with Oliver Platt and Gabourey Sidibe.

Laura Linney Info

Birth nameLaura Leggett Linney
Date of BirthFebruary 5, 1964
Place of BirthNew York City, New York, U.S.
Spouse (s)David Adkins (1995–2000) (divorced), Marc Schauer (2009-present)
Years active1992–present
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 My level of appreciation of the basics of life has gone up. You know, I recently heard someone complaining about getting old, and I had such a violent reaction to that. There’s no question that getting old isn’t easy, but it’s a privilege, folks. I’m over people being ‘woe is me’ about getting old. 
— Laura Linney hates people worrying about getting old / August 16, 2010
 Food is not just nutritional, it’s mental, so, you know, if I need a little chocolate every once in a while, I need a little chocolate, 
— Laura Linney / August 16, 2010
 it intersected with stuff that I was already thinking about. In my 40s, I’ve seen life move on in a way I hadn’t before: friends are getting older, raising children. Other friends have died — not just of cancer but also AIDS and accidents. I’ve been thinking about the value of life, about what do you do with the time that you have left? 
— Laura Linney on why she chose to do The Big C / August 16, 2010