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Lady Gaga Quotes

American singer, songwriter and musician


She began her career as a songwriter for established artists, including Fergie, Pussycat Dolls, Britney Spears and New Kids on the Block, as well as American singer and producer Akon. Gaga released her debut album The Fame in 2008

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 Love is about danger, always. Love jumps off cliffs, love is irrational. It keeps you alive and it destroys you. The search for love provides nourishment for your artistic soul. I'm afraid that as soon as you really find love, there won't be anything left to write songs about. 
— Lady Gaga on Love / March 11, 2010
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 I'm not looking at all. But I've got enough muses. When you're on tour you're totally focused on your performances and you don't notice much else. And you spend a lot more time in hotel rooms than people think. I often sit up and compose so that I can remain in contact with my creative core. 
— Lady Gaga / March 11, 2010
 What can people like me and Adam Lambert and others do to keep this young lady from making a fool of us all? She's getting us all accused of being like her when that's the farthest thing from our minds? 
— Lady Gaga saying Miley Cyrus is making them look bad in the music and film industry / March 09, 2010
 Television audiences see that sort of thing and they brand us all with being the same. Her dad needs to settle that young lady down and give her a good talking to. 
— Lady Gaga saying Miley Cyrus is making them look bad in the music and film industry / March 09, 2010
 First the Gomer Brothers...then she had Justin Gaston living at her family residence. Lately it's been Liam Hemsworth. Who next? 
— Lady Gaga on Miley Cyrus' boy friends / March 09, 2010

 It's hard knowing who to trust with your personal life. When you cry in your room at night, you don't always know who to call. So I am very close to my family. 
— Lady Gaga speaking on trust issues / March 05, 2010
 I left [my past] behind because I had to... For many reasons, like drugs. It's no secret that I have had problems with drugs in the past. And some places represent to me things in terms of my mental and physical health, so you learn to move on, to preserve what your mission in life is, and my greater mission is my fans. 
— Lady Gaga moved on from the past / March 05, 2010
 I talk about myself in the third person all the time. I don't live my life in the way someone like you does. 
— Lady Gaga / March 05, 2010
 I live my life completely serving only my work and my fans. And that way, I have to think about not what is best for my v****a but what is best for my fans and for me artistically. 
— Lady Gaga / March 05, 2010
 I didn't speak to anyone at the BRIT's. I'm an outcast from the music industry, I don't have any friends in the music business. I feel completely detached from the celebrity world, you never see me falling out of nightclubs, 
— Lady Gaga saying she doesn't have any famous friends / March 04, 2010