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 The public have turned away from us and are not prepared to listen to us. 
— Jane Kennedy quitting the Government after Gordon Brown led Labour to its worst ever election results / June 08, 2009
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 I know there are Labour MPs who are in a very grumbly mood, but British politics is in a bad old state. Nobody is happy and it is affecting all the parties. Don't please, through your actions, make it any worse for the Labour Party 
— Lord Mandelson / June 03, 2009
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 The results are going to be terrible - there's no point beating about the bush on that - terrible for Labour 
— Lord Falconer saying the Labour Party has weak chances of winning / June 2009
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 We will have a clean-up, we will have discipline... there are many cases where people have to stand down and not be candidates at the next election. 
— Gordon Brown saying more Labour MPs will be suspended and not stand at the next election, following the MPs expense scam. / May 20, 2009
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